this is literally the best video on the internet

are those the fucking jonas brothers

 Anonymous asked: "oh no oh no oh no I just got the email for the meet & greet for my event but I realized I (God knows how) don't have the confirmation email from ticketmaster anymore!!! What do I do?!?!?"

oh no oh no oh no so you didn’t print out your confirmation email when you got it???  did you delete the email?  can you go back on ticketmaster and get a number or something to call?  i don’t know how to help you i’m sorry!  best of luck and let me know what happens!

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Reblog if you want a bunch of “have you evers” and “would you rathers” in your ask box right now. 

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omg ev ilysm

everyone go follow all of these lovely ladies! <333

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youonlyaskfornudesonce asked Paramore or All Time Low

Sometimes it takes a good fall to really know where you stand”


This is for everyone who follows me. Im eating it for you and it tastes good.


This is for everyone who follows me. Im eating it for you and it tastes good.


@kittykatdav: Beach day … ☀️🌊 #blissbellebuttercup

I just reached 18.000 followers and that's insane! I don't really know what to say, I just want to thank you guys I guess. Thank you for following me, thank you for making me feel welcome, loved and important. This is a (very long) list of blogs (and people) that I really like and wouldn't want to trade for anything;

1-2-3 220211 

A-B-C annley ~ adreamisallihave ~ ankl3biters ~ aintitprmr ~ a-ginger-named-jordanboparamore ~ behindmcr ~ brendonflurrie ~ bandfromreality ~ bookworm-swiftieconspiraccy ~ crawlingindark

D-E-F ♥  daspanthertierdeadqueenygritte ~ dontgocryingescaperooute ~ evelinathorenfueledbyparamore ~ fuckingdavis ~ flowintothecity ~ fluffy-mashumaro ~ findmeglory ~ feelngsorry

G-H-I hoparamore ~ htadotaylor ~ htadojeremyhaylesbian ~ hayleyshair ~ halfbetrayed ~ hayllelujahshayleyes ~ hayleywilliamsupdated ~ hayleyfromparamore ~ hayleywilliasm ~ hayleyismyonlyexception ~ holdingontomiseryistillloveparamore ~ iminthebusinessofmisery ~ imissthemiserybusiness ~ im-a-paramonster ~ is-paramore ~ imwinningthewar ~ imintoparamore ~ paradaydreaming

J-K-L ♥  jeremyclavis ~ leplayingod ~ l-a-s-t-h-o-p-e ~ lasthopes ~ lastriotgearon ~ livingincaradise ~ los-paramores ~ lameparamore

M-N-O mattb4rnes ~ miserydesigns ~ movingflames ~ mourningslidenonotthistimeomgparamoregifs ~ mylittleriot ~ morepmore ~ memoryfadesonedimore ~ onlyparamorex ~ ohyorks ~ onlyproof ~ ohmyhay ~ ofhayley ~ ohmyhayleywilliams

P-Q-R ♥ paramorecliqueparamoregifs ~ paramore-edits ~ parayeah ~ paramoreemdlc ~ paralovemore ~ paralol ~ paramoreeh ~ pararmy ~ paragif ~ paraversa ~ paramoreupdates ~ paracredible ~ put-yourself-backtogether ~ paramore-yall ~ prettyparamore ~ pmorefamily ~ pmoremyheart ~ paramophy ~ parawho ~ para-amore ~ paramorrerareparamore ~ radwilliams

S-T-U saintwilliams ~ sittinginsilence ~ shad0winthenighttellmetofeel ~ theparamoreworld ~ theparamoreboxthe-queen-of-headbanging ~ the-only-proof ~ theparamores ~ twentyoneparamore ~ there-is-something-outside ~ taylorisapuppy ~ thesaltinmywounds ~ theparamoresource

V-W-X-Y-Z ♥ verayley ~ weareparamore ~ work-it-out ~ warpedbyparamore ~ whenwecantsleep ~ wearreunbrokenyorkconda ~ yeah-paramore ~ yorkphobia ~ yeahyork ~ yelyahalive

(I'm pretty sure I forgot people, if I did, I'm sorry!) Thanks again for being here and for being awesome. Please take care of yourself cause I love you and I would be very sad if you left for whatever reason.

*** please note that these are not all Paramore blogs. This includes people that makes great edit, have been very nice to me, are my friends and people that I've been following for as long as I can remember. I also tagged every single one of you but then my post got lost and I didn't want to do it again cause it took forever I'm sorry. 

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